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What is a Nordic lifestyle?  Simple, is the best way to describe it.  Living slow and long.  Swedes call it "lagom".  Danes call it "hygge".  It all really means one thing.  Live a good life.  Do the small things that make a real difference in life.  It's not the showy stuff.  It's the meaningful stuff.  That perfect view outside your window on a cozy fall day.  Slipping into the right gear to get out in.  Spending quality time inside or out, with the right people and the right things around you.

Weather the weather

Porkala, Finland

Brave the elements.  Brave the situation. Enjoy the ride.  You will never know what life has in store if you don't get out and experience it.  We love promoting a Nordic lifestyle of simple, quality experiences that keep us healthy through out our lives.

Porkala, Finland

You can only get that smile one way...

Nashota Park, WI

The smile you get when you have spent the day outdoors doing something you enjoy.  If you haven't started to enjoy the outdoors yet, start slow...nordic walk, snowshoe or take a quiet hike through the woods.  You won't regret it.

The Nordic lifestyle keeps you in motion 365 days a year.

Nashota Park, WI

love, loved or loving these

The Apostle Islands


Most outside of the Midwest or the Great Lakes Region know about The Apostle Islands.  The group of 21 islands stretch out into the inland sea that is Lake Superior. 

Big Water Coffee

Big Water Coffee

Located in Bayfield, WI.  It's where you'll take the ferry, paddle, sail, swim, snowmobile or book across to Madeline Island and if you will have to stop by Big Water Coffee.  Big Water is a small coop roaster that roasts some of the smoothest coffee we have ever put our lips to.

Design Distric Helsinki


Walk through design studios, museums and shops that speak to the ever evolving vibrancy of the city center in Helsinki.

Pro Puu Centre in Lahti, Finland

Pro Puu Wood Centre in Lahti, Finland

Lahti, Finland is better known for it's World Cup Nordic Centre than anything else, but the hardworking artisans at Pro Puu are slowly changing that.  It's all about design and wood, with a small wood shop and a group of young designers turning out innovative designs.

Den Gyldene Freden in Stockholm, Sweden

Den Gyldene Freden

The oldest restaurant in Stockholm does not disappoint.  A beautiful trip back in time.  Make sure to get up from your table and journey back to the see through view of the kitchen below.  Take the winding steps down through the rock walls to the bathroom.  And yes the food is exceptional.

Viking Line

Viking Line

Pronounced "vee'king.  This is the preferred mode of transport between the island archipelago and the Baltics.  You will share your table with locals, tourists, cargo and business travelers alike.  Watch some of the most stunning views go by as you make your way to another Nordic destination.